Today I am going to talk about a new, or rather, a novel product we have included in our product catalogue:  FITNICE ® FLOOR AND WALL COATING.


What is FITNICE?


Fitnice ® is a laminated vinyl fabric with a recycled vinyl backing that is reinforced with a structural mesh that provides a high level of dimensional stability and acoustic insulation. FITNICE ® can be used as both  floor and a wall coating.



But what does this floor and wall coating product have to do with the sun protection products sold by Área Deluxe?

It would appear to have nothing in common, but it does. FITNICE ® is made with vinyl coated high tenacity polyester threads (on a thick vinyl plate). Does this remind you of anything? Well, it shares the same structure as our fabric for POLYSCREEN ® shades and blinds. In fact, both Polyscreen ® and FITNICE ® are made by the same manufacturer with different specifications for different applications.


What are the advantages of FITNICE ®?

This fabric has excellent benefits, such as:

-Easy to clean and minimum maintenance: you can scrub it, hoover it, etc., and it is resistent to wine, coffee, coca cola, etc. stains.

-Durability and high resistance to wear and tear: 100,000 cycles.

- Acoustic damping: 11dB.


-Suitable for humid environments.

-Suitable for outdoors.

-Fire resistance: EN 13501-1, Bfl, S1.

-Anti-bacterial flooring.

-Anti-dust mite flooring.

-Recyclable and recycled.

-10-year warranty.


FITNICE ® as a floor coating


FITNICE FLOOR is flooring that combines elegance, resistance and comfort. We have a wide range of shades that can be combined to give a distinctive and elegant touch to any room, from a gym, disco or shop to a boat, house or swimming pool. You can create a unique, high resistance floor with minimum maintenance.




In what form can I buy my FITNICE FLOOR?

You can find it in tile and roll form, as well as technical floor tiles ideal for offices, or in whatever form you order it.


FITNICE RUGS in rug form with different shapes that provide warmth, glamour and distinction.


Fitnice Rug





FITNICE ® as a wall coating


FITNICE WALL is the latest trend in coatings; more resistant than wallpaper, more long lasting than paint and with a sophisticated and luxurious finish. This is an excellent solution for hotels whose walls or wallpaper are always worn from being constantly hit by guests’ luggage. FITNICE WALL has put an end to damaged walls and we welcome hotels with perfect walls year after year, saving on repair and renovation costs.


Fitnice Wall



If you want more information on this product, do not hesitate to visit our showroom at polígono de Son Bugadelles, Santa Ponsa, or call us on 971 577 419.

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