Today we want to talk about one of the fabrics of the moment: SCREEN, or more specifically, POLYSCREEN ®


Screen (generic name) is a fabric made from PVC coated fibreglass thread. From the beginning, this fabric represented an advance in terms of sun protection because of its qualities and features. However, certain drawbacks began to be detected, including fraying at the edges and horizontal breakage on roller blinds. This is due to the expansion capacity of fibreglass compared to PCV. While PVC provides certain expansion capacity in variable temperature conditions, fibreglass for the most part maintains an unaltered structure. Also, while fibreglass has high resistance to traction, said spin easily becomes fragile when handled, because of its low level of flexibility.

Consequently, fabrics have been developed that solve these problems, such as Polyscreen ®, which is manufactured by Celtic Group and exclusively marketed in Spain by Bandalux ®.

Polyscreen ® fabric is composed of “home-made” high tenacity PVC coated polyester, while other screens are manufactured with PVC coated fibreglass.

Unlike screens, Polyscreen ® is a high-quality fabric that offers many advantages:

  • It does not break easily because it is made with polyester, which is the fibre with which safety belts, among other things, are made;
  • It does not break because it is not made with fibreglass, ensuring perfect collection in roller blinds;
  • Both PVC and polyester contract in the same way, preventing the fibres from poking out and the fabric from fraying and;
  • It does not start to smell bad over time because of the high quality of the PVC (smooth, without porosity or lead) that is used for its preparation.


It also has a series of qualities that other types of fabrics do not have:

  • Light filtering:

We achieve visual comfort when sunlight is excessive and prevent the discolouration of fabrics that form part of a room’s decor, such as rugs or upholstery, due to the UV radiation protection.


You get a suitable degree of light with no glare.


  • Privacy:

It prevents the inside of the enclosure being seen from outside.

  • Energy saving:

Given the fabric’s great absorption and reflection, the “greenhouse effect” is avoided, meaning that we need less air conditioning.


It is a good way to save!


  • In winter up to 10% less heat loss.
  • In summer up to 3ª – 4ª less in the room.


  • Transparency:

It enables good visibility to the outside, creating a feeling of greater spaciousness.


  • Visual care:

It protects from reflections that affect computers or TV screens.


  • No colour distortion:

This quality is possible due to the opacity of the spin of the weave, as well as the cleaning of the pores that exist between the threads, unlike tinted glass.


  • Easy cleaning and maintenance:

Due to its PVC, smooth and non-porous coating, it is easy to wash with a sponge and soapy water. In this respect, dirt does not stick to it easily, so they are recommended in spaces with a lot of humid atmosphere rotation, or with smoke, grease, etc. emissions.



This fabric offers different possibilities, since its aperture (percentage of the total surface area of a fabric occupied by pores and holes and density) varies from 14% to 1%, and at Área Deluxe, we adjust the solution to our customers’ needs.


At Área Deluxe, we have a wide range of fabrics that can be adapted to the customer’s taste and needs. Visit our showroom at Calle Islas Canarias, 33, polígono Son Bugadelles, Santa Ponsa.

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