Outdoor products that provide shade

Outdoor products that provide shade


Summer is already upon us and it seems that temperatures will be high until the start of autumn.


Wonderful, isn’t it?


We can enjoy the sea, the beach, the pool, our terraces, balconies and porches for four long months. This is what they are there for!


So that we can truly enjoy these places throughout the day, we need to provide shade when the sun becomes unbearable.


To obtain shade, there are quite a lot of products on hand to choose from.


Some of them include:




There are different models of awnings and of fabrics that adapt to different installation needs and sites, such as:


• Balcony Awning

Balcony Awning


• Drop arm awning


Drop Arms AwningDrop Arms Awning

•Box Awning

Toldo Cofre
Box Awning


I emphasise box awnings,since they are one of the most current, practical and aesthetic. In addition to sun protection, they differ from other awnings because:

  • When it is collected, it remains inside a box, protecting the structure and fabric from the elements.
  • The box is rather small in size with an aesthetic, contemporary design, enabling it to be incorporated perfectly into the façade of any building or house, even the most modern and minimalist.


  • Veranda Awning


Toldo Veranda
Veranda Awning

We also highlight veranda awnings, since they have been especially developed to be incorporated into modern buildings, porches and terraces. Veranda awnings are completely horizontal, sliding through guides that are on a structure (the porch, for Instance). In other words, it serves as a “retractable roof”.



Another simple, economical and resistant way to protect oneself from the sun are guided roller blinds or shades installed outdoors.

Below are several versions of outdoor roller blinds:
• Visible Roller Blind


Enrollable Exterior
Outdoor Roller Blinds

• D-Box Roller Blind 


Enrollable D-Box
D-Box Roller Blind

• Roller with O-Box: Adapts to the most modern buildings and those with the most discerning style.


Enrollable O-Box
O-Box Roller Blind

• Roller with S-Box: Given its square shape, the box is incorporated into the gap of the window as another component of the aluminium profile.


Enrollable S-Box
S-Box Roller Blind

• Roller with Z-Box: That enables the fabric to be tensed, avoiding the formation of folds and wrinkles. The fabric is retained inside the side guide, resisting winds of up to 120 km/h.


Enrollable Z-Box
Z-Box Roller Blind

It has multiple advantages:

  • The most effective sun control
  • Energy savings in air conditioner applications
  • Improved natural light distribution
  • Less glare on monitors
  • Improved working conditions
  • Increased productivity
  • Comfort and privacy
  • Retractable system
  • Less pollution as a result of energy saving
  • Outdoor shades with Polyscreen® are available with an aperture of 1, 3, 5, 10and 14% and in many colours
  • Optimum light control thanks to individual activation and automation
  • Control options: chain and fully motorised control




I’m now going to talk about Pratic ® Pergolas, since they are the ones I like most because of their functionality, resistance, durability and aesthetic.


They are inspired by Italian design, with high quality materials, and place special emphasis on each detail. The brand has 10 models of pergola that turn an outdoor space into an elegant, pleasant and functional covered room.


They have a solid, resistant structure, enabling side closures with blinds, roller shades or even glass, turning them into true cabins you can also use in winter.



In addition to the above, here are some more advantages:


  • They have an outstanding PVC fabric that is darkening, fire-resistant, waterproof, anti-bacterial and stainproof, with a UV-resistant pre-treatment. In other words, it provides shade, keeps the pergola cool and requires no maintenance.


  • They are fully manufactured in aluminium with UV-resistant pre-treatment and stainless steel screws, enabling you to forget about maintenance.


  • Front water discharge incorporated into the structure or on the side due to the positioning of the fabric.


  • Silent motor activation with remote control.


  • Resistance to wind of up to 120 km/h, depending on size, tested in wind tunnels.In other words, you can use them when it is very sunny, very rainy and very windy.



Our models:


EVO Pergola

Pérgola Evo
Pergola Evo

A piece of contemporary outdoor architecture that is geometrically refined with high durability and resistance, It can cover a surface area of up to 117 m2.


LEVEL Pergola


A versatile system that adapts to the different coverage needs of an outdoor space.


A robust structure available in three colours and also self-supporting.


Pérgola Level
Pergola Level


MITO Pergola


Classic structure with restrained, contemporary lines.


It enables a maximum surface area of 117 m2 to be covered. Integrated drainage for the evacuation of rainwater. The quality of the materials used guarantees high durability with minimal maintenance.



Pérgola Mito
Pergola Mito




A self-supporting structure with high aesthetics, creating an attractive, sophisticated design. The fabric does not need to be at an incline at the front, since the V-shaped side drainage gets rid of water in an alternative way.


Pérgola Phoenix
Pergola Phoenix





Elegance and comfort for a harmonious and linear self-supporting structure that offers the chance to create different side coverage solutions through a traditional blind with Polyscreen® or with full Z-box closure. The upper rectangular section profiles end up having a discreet, minimalist size.


A distinguished, refined design to create an open space that is protected and shaded all year round.



Pérgola Reverse
Pergola Reverse


If you are interested in any of these pergolas, do not hesitate to visit Área Deluxe at Calle Islas Canarias, 33, polígono Son Bugadelles, Santa Ponsa.We will be happy to assist you.


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