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Quality, design, customization, and practicality.

In Deluxe Area we have a solution for every need. Indoor and outdoor products to make your house become a home.

We take care of your home both inside and out. Curtains, blinds, Venetian blinds and panels that provide warmth and security as well as being a decorative element.
Awnings, pergolas, sails and curtains to transform the exterior of your home and make you as comfortable inside as outside.
Borders, rails and other accessories that adapt to your style and, above all, to your needs.
Technology and avant-garde to achieve a smart, modern and very comfortable home.
They guarantee the best comfort and protection as well as breathability.
The best materials for sofas, armchairs, and much more.
Do you have, want or need an unusual window? At Área Deluxe we help you.


What is it?

Very simple: houses made with intelligence, awareness and respect that are capable of reducing energy consumption and taking advantage of solar energy for better air conditioning.

Houses and spaces that have good thermal insulation and good air quality thanks to prior planning.

Houses built today and that will serve for tomorrow.

At Area Deluxe Baleares we help you build yours.

Ask us about your projects

Do you have an ideal house in mind? Do you want to know if it is feasible? Explain to us what you dream of and we will try to make it come true.

Last Projects

Enjoy a small sample of the latest projects in which we have participated.

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Do you want to give your house a change? Do you have doubts, queries or questions? Contact us and, depending on your needs, we will get to work.

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