Technology and avant-garde to achieve a smart, modern and very comfortable home.

LED for awnings and pergolas

LED strips that you can attach to your awnings either in the arms or in front bar.

Wind, motion and sun sensors

Automation to increase the safety and comfort of outdoor blinds, awnings, pergolas, umbrellas, etc.

Somfy’s Tahoma and Conexoon

Single-channel IO touch wall switch with radio control.

Wall switches

Wall switches with which you can control Somfy® motors.

Tahoma and Conexoon by Somfy

Improve your comfort, safety and optimize your energy consumption.

Nina Remote Controls

IO-homecontrol® technology to enhance ease of use and performance.

Multi-channel remote controls

Allows the control of 5 drive motors or 5 groups of drive motors in a simple way.

Single channel remote controls

You can easily control one drive motor or a group of drive motors.

Rechargeable battery motors

Meet the most comfortable and easiest electric powered system.

Radio frequency motors and domotics

Motor with integrated radio technology.

Last Projects

Enjoy a small sample of the latest projects in which we have participated.

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